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small metal parts for the ceramic industry

We produce shaped and flat washers for boxes and racks, springs, convex washers.
Our products can be used for machinery in the various sections of your plant: for dough preparation (dosing systems, turbo dissolvers, turbo crushers, drum mills, blade mills, agitators and dissolvers, piston pumps, vibrating sieves, atomizers) , for forming (single-axis hydraulic pressing, extrusion, plastic modeling and turning, slip die casting, tape casting, cold isostatic pressing), for heat treatment (applications, drying, continuous cooking, non-continuous cooking, gas ovens ) and equipment for further operations such as automation or handling systems, finishing, surface treatment etc.

small metal parts for the mechanical industry

The typical mechanical processes we use for the production of small parts for the mechanical sector are blanking, bending, stamping, and drawing. These systems that allow the production of small metal parts at high levels of precision and automation with significant economic savings in production. Washer also for the mechanical sector is able to design and manufacture molds with the wire and plunge EDM process for the customized realization of your metal parts.
Seeger stop ring shims, steel shims, sheared parts (Carter, lev) and to drawing.

small metal parts for the automotive sector

Accessories for Industrial wheels for: trolleys, rubberized, high capacity, for robotics, in nylon, in aluminum, in polyurethane, in steel.

small metal parts, valves and accessories for hydraulics

A hydraulic system can be composed of a series of hydraulic components ranging from medium-large sized elements such as pumps and motors to detailed small parts such as joints, filters, plugs, rings and any type of valve.
We deal with small metal parts for hydraulic pumps and valves such as shutters, valves, special copper gaskets with cup springs, splash guards in stainless steel, anti-extrusion in PTFE, casings, flanges, lock rings, shaped washers. Furthermore, we also produce small parts and accessories for oleodynamics in general, for example PTFE washers, copper washers DIN 7603 form A form D form C, metal washers, aluminum washers, washers and brass parts, bonded washers (rubber metal).

small metal parts for the chemical and petrochemical industry

Die-cut and sheared gaskets

Uses: for sealing steam, oils, diluted and concentrated acids and hot and cold water.
Materials: non-asbestos, graphite, PTFE, rubber (SBR, NBR, EPDM, etc.), cork, copper, brass, aluminum, etc. Applications: petrochemical and steel plants, steel mills, paper mills, sugar refineries.

Spiral wound gaskets

Materials: stainless steel tape with particular shaped profile and filling tape in graphite, PTFE, ceramic fiber, mineral paper, etc. Applications: chemical, petrochemical and steam lines

Metal-plastic gaskets

Resistant to high pressures and high temperatures. To improve the seal, corrugated gaskets are used which create a labyrinth seal.

small metal parts for tire specialists

We produce harmonic steel washers, special washers, washers, leaf springs.
Our products can also be made to measure for machinery and equipment in the specific sector: starting from tire alignment machinery and arriving at trolley lifts, compressors (silenced compressions and screw compressors), wheel balancers, lifts (bridges scissors, double scissor axles and motorbike axles), tire changers (automatic tire changers, tire changers without lever) and for the various equipment (starter holders, current generators, tire cutters, shock absorber dismounts, vulcanizers, tubeless test tanks, inspection machines).

small metal parts for the food industry and earthmoving

Our production focuses on the production of small metal parts needed for the correct functioning of your agricultural machinery. We are specialized in the production of washers, speed variators, lawnmower blades, toothed washers, feet, casings, rotors, shims, special washers, convex washers.

small metal parts for bolts, screws and hardware

All Washers products are produced on behalf of third parties and also supplied to screws, bolts, hardware, wholesalers and retailers who manage and supply their customers on their own.

small metal parts for industrial wheels

Accessories for Industrial wheels for: trolleys, rubberized, high capacity, for robotics, in nylon, in aluminum, in polyurethane, in steel.

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