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1. request

Washer offers this service especially for its long-standing customers who need or want to develop new projects or create new versions of products already in the catalog.

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2. design

Thanks to the great experience gained in the course of over 25 years of work in the sector, and to the possibility of producing the molds by electroerosion, Washers is able to follow the project by developing dedicated and optimized solutions both for the problems of production processes and for the control procedures all with a view to the maximum cost-effectiveness of the process.

3. result

For the parts that we are able to produce directly, the prototyping and first sampling process is started, while for the parts not produced internally, Washers selects the appropriate manufacturer for you and follows the supply until the completion of the special designed component.

Coins, jewels and medals

A traditional celebration of the Pro Loco, a commemoration, the anniversary of the football team, the victory of the Promotion championship, the opening of the new supermarket with the personalized token for the trolley, the 25 years of activity of the family business , a special reward for your employees.


There are many occasions in which it is necessary to create a unique and irreplaceable gadget, using precious metals or alloys, collectible items that will certainly be noticed and appreciated.

Washers Italia has created a section dedicated to the world of minting and jewelry making the vast range of machinery and technologies used for the industry available to art, the world of awards and medals.

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