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For the past 30 years, our services have been aimed at satisfying all the needs of our customers and the main market trends



Our company has always worked in search of maximum customer satisfaction, which is why we always make ourselves available for the creation of preliminary samples and for the production of details of interest to the customer. We provide the assistance and the expertise to solve all the problems of realization that arise. We are able to advise you in finding the most functional and most economical solution for your needs.

Third parties

Our work on behalf of third parties is characterized by the correctness, the speed of supply, the personalization of the product that can be carried out with your brand or remain anonymous, the speed of delivery, the realization of the product according to your needs and finally competitive prices.


Consultancy on materials and technical characteristics


The production of non-original parts represents an important sector of the market for the various industrial sectors, as many products are not covered by patents. We are able to produce any particular (allowed) for the parallel market, reaching the same quality standards of the original piece, both in the choice of material and in the precision of the realization.

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